About me


Flyer by Paul Banks at Peril Design.

My name is Tom Little and I am a stand-up comedian with a terrible website. I don’t update this often but I’m much more active on social media. I’m @ThisIsTomLittle on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.  My YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/tomlittle. Follow me on all platforms. Come on. Help me out.

Here’s a short video from years ago.

And here’s a longer one. There’s more recent stuff on my YouTube.

I’ll be performing my 2021 Edinburgh show every day at 18.05 – 19.05 at Subway, Cowgate from the 9th to the 29th August as part of the PBH Free Fringe. It’s called ‘Tom Little Makes a Triumphant Return To Stand-Up’ as part of my longstanding tradition of giving myself titles I’m embarrassed to say out loud. (Subway is a cool bar by the way. I’m performing in the sandwich place. Remember I’m doing better than the look of this crappy website suggests.)

Here’s the back of my flyer.


Flyer design by Paul Banks at Peril Design.

If you want to see me at a gig, then check my ‘upcoming gigs’ section. If I’m not performing near you then I suppose you could find out who runs gigs near you and order them to book me. Be polite though.

If you want to book me for a gig you can message me on Twitter or my personal Facebook if you know it. I live in Manchester but I drive and gig all other the place. Thanks.

Here’s some stuff about me, written in the third person, in case you’re a promoter and want to use it for the blurb of a gig.


Tom Little is an award-winning comedian. He once won the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year (an award previously won by acts like Johnny Vegas, Jason Manford, Rhod Gilbert and Romesh Ranganathan) and never stopped going on about it. His 2018 Edinburgh show was nominated for the Amused Moose Comedy Award and he was also a BBC Radio New Comedy Award finalist. He never shuts up about that either.

‘The real deal. An instinctive comedian with oodles of charm and a quirky, frenetic intensity…. If he cuts his energy levels by 10% he could end up in movies.’ – The Spectator.

‘Inventive, unexpected and often very silly…. He surely can’t remain a hidden treasure for long.’ ****- Chortle.

‘Tom Little is defined by his restless, distracted energy and excellent joke-writing.’ – The Scotsman.

‘Very accessible humour, enlivened by his leftfield charisma.’ **** – The Wee Review.

‘A brilliant, loudly awkward set… very funny, completely inventive, sitting perilously on the fence between allowing an audience to think they know what’s coming, and pulling something unexpectedly bizarre out of the bag.’ – Gigglebeats.

‘Gut-wrenchingly funny…. Truthfully, an hour with Tom Little almost isn’t enough’ – Fringe Review.

‘Hilarious’ – The Mirror.